How the Foundation Got Its Start


Our 501(c) 3  Was Years in the Making

The Paradise Valley Town Council had wanted to form a non-profit entity for years. The ACOPS Committee (Advisory Committee on Public Safety) was tasked with creating the 501(c)3. In 2018, under the leadership of Council Member Julie Pace, a few of the ACOPS Committee members volunteered to work on this, including Kathye Brown, Ryan Wooddy, and Mike Cummiskey. Mike took a lead position with the help of former ACOPS member, Chuck Matthews, in determining what documents would be needed and created the initial drafts of the  mission statement, articles of incorporation, by-laws, and the memorandum of understanding between the Town and the new organization. 

Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner voiced his strong support for these efforts and offered his assistance in dedicating Town resources to help ensure close coordination with the Town, along with his own personal efforts in reviewing and providing advice regarding Foundation documents and other materials.

As you might imagine, several weeks of rewrites and editing went into finalizing the documents. All the leadership of the Town was involved, and special thanks are owed to the Mayor, Jerry Bien-Willner, Council Member Julie Pace, the Town Council, Town Attorney Andrew Miller, Chief Financial Officer, Doug Allen, and the Chief of Police, Pete Wingert. 

After the articles of incorporation and other documents were approved by the Town Council, we officially filed for and became incorporated in the State of Arizona. Mike was named as the President of the Foundation for an inaugural term. Kudos to the Cavanagh law firm for their assistance. 

We’ve retained an independent Certified Public Accountant, Theresa Carmichael, who helped us reach our goal of filing with the IRS for tax exempt status before the end of 2018. We  were officially approved by the IRS as a tax exempt organization in early 2019. After selecting National Bank of Arizona as our banking partner, we recently made our first deposit with the proceeds from the latest Shredding Event, along with some additional donations.

As of this moment, former Community Resource Officer, Kevin Albert, Chuck Matthews and Mike Cummiskey are volunteering to lead the organization. On behalf of everyone who has spent considerable time thus far, we hope Paradise Valley residents will share the excitement surrounding this new 501(c)3 organization. To contact the Foundation, go to the Contact Us page on this site.